Anïve for the minors is a Swedish children’s wear brand founded by Gabriella Lundblad and is based in the coastal town Gothenburg. Gabriella have a BA in fashion design at Beckmans College of Design.

The first collection came in summer 2011 and since then two new collections are released each year. Anïve for the minors focus on prints and stylish comfort. 

“The patterns are often drawn at the kitchen table where the light is best and the coffee is near. I usually paint the prints in watercolor or gouache but often also straight in the computer.”  Anïve for the minors’ have a quite messy studio situated in a creative cluster of artists, musicians and dogs at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg. Dogs are central in lots of the prints on Anive’s sweaters, one dog print a year at least! 

The name “Anïve” is a mix of the words Naïve and Anniversary. Naïve in the meaning – to have open eyes to new things and never get bored  and anniversary – something to celebrate. “This is how I want to live and I believe that children are masters of this from the start!”

Very welcome to the Minor’s organic clothing shop!